6 Showcase and Teams

6 Judging the Showcase and Team Cabaret Categories

6.1 Directionality of Performance

The performance of the Showcase and Team Cabaret is to be judged as if it were performed on a traditional theatre stage. Therefore, there will be a 'front' to be performed to. The judges seating will be placed together for these sections and all performances will be judged from that direction.

6.2 Scoring of Performance

In the Showcase and Team Cabaret sections, the most important element is Showmanship. This factor is most likely to be where the competition is won and lost. In the Team Cabaret, extra marks will be awarded for groups that interact as a Team, for example, change partners or form patterns from more than one couple. Teams that interact will receive higher marks than Teams that dance a synchronised, choreographed routine as separate couples. This does not mean a team that, for example, consists of 4 couples dancing the same individual 'Showcase' cannot win. If they are better dancers dancing a brilliant routine they could still be judged to have performed the best Team Cabaret.

6.3 Plagiarism

N.B. Plagiarism rules apply - The choreographer must be either one of the competitors, or if the choreographer is not one of the competitors the entry must be accompanied by a written permission from the choreographer to perform the routine.